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Your brand is how others see you. It is how you look, how you act, how you handle your business. Your brand is who you are as a company, so what is it saying about you?

Joseph Alexander Media is a content creation company focused on not selling video services, but to telling stories. Our goal is to connect the heart of the viewer to businesses on social media in order to build loyalty and visibility. It is to create videos that not only explain who you are as a company, but also maximizes growth of SEO on your social media platforms. We specifically work in creating content for platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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What We Do

We look to help businesses in creating social media content, specifically through video. We seek to create a plan on how to use video in your social media campaign, and we partner with you in reaching your audience, telling your story through…


We will create videos focused on advertising to a new audience. This strategy is best if you are looking to gain more customers and build influence.

Social Media Campaigns

Do you have a specific product you are wanting to promote, or do you have some inspirational thoughts that you have learned through running your business? Sharing it through a video campaign makes it easy for your followers to know who they are supporting, making it easier for them to spread your news for you.

Event Videos

Build up hype for your events by promoting them through video. Or, make your customers wish they had gone with an event highlight reel.


Spreading the word through podcasting can be done not just in audio form, but video. Longer form video is also beneficial to your SEO rankings!

Day-to-Day Operations

Your followers want to know who you are and who they are supporting. Do this by highlighting your day-to-day operations and creating videos focused on letting your followers in on your life as a business owner.


We will work with you in creating a social media strategy on how to implement video into your business goals.


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The wish of Joseph Alexander Media, LLC is to not just make a buck or to mass produce videos. Rather, the goal is to partner with your small business to help you thrive and be recognized. Call today for a consultation to see how we might meet your needs.